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Life at Sea Aboard DDG 1000
By Lt. Cmdr. Jay Sego, DDG 1000 Section Head, OPNAV N863 and Capt. Jim Downey, DDG 1000 Program Manager, PMS 500

DDG 1000 Mission CenterWhile the features of USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000)'s internal ship systems mark a revolutionary departure when compared with surface warships of the past, none of the changes have been made without consideration of their impact on the ship's crew. This is not, however, to say that life aboard Zumwalt will be just like life aboard any other ship in the Navy. In fact, the Navy's approach to human-systems integration (HSI) in DDG 1000 marks a far-reaching sea change in the way that the human "element" is addressed.

A Day at Sea

A typical day underway starts early for most of the 148 members of the crew and aviation detachment. Just after breakfast, crewmembers receive tasking for their assigned watch station or maintenance team by logging into the Total Ship Computing Environment (TSCE) to view the integrated ship plan (ISP). The ISP is similar to a "plan of the day," but with tasking needed to configure the ship systems, including the Integrated Power System (IPS) and combat systems, for the day's missions. This robust... » Continued


Winter 2012 Edition Features


Retooling Sailors

An Ultra Endeavor: the Modular Construction & Delivery of Zumwalt

Inside DDG 1000's New Engineering, Computing & Weapon Systems

Testing the Limits of Aegis BMD

NECC Pushes into the Future
with Tailored Force Plans

Reinvigorating the Navy's
Amphibious Workhorses

The War of 1812 and Today


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